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Laser and Shoulder Pain

Pain as a result of rotator cuff tear, "frozen shoulder" or inflammation can result from repetitive stress, like a pitcher or a tennis player constantly repeating the same motion, from traumatic injury or even from simply sleeping in a bad position. In any case, those who have experienced shoulder pain describe it as one of the more intensely painful episodes that they have endured. Oftentimes, traditional treatments do not alleviate the pain. Many patients who have surgery to correct the problem continue to experience pain post surgically. 

Can Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Help?

The advantage of DTL therapy for shoulder pain is that we can treat the pain and inflammation of the shoulder tissue without painfully touching it or moving it until pain levels have decreased. The patient can then begin active stretching and strengthening of the shoulder muscles comfortably. DTL therapy can act as a bridge, taking the patient from intense levels of pain to a point where rehab can be started.

After an examination, the doctor will be able to tell you how many treatments will be required to eliminate your pain and to help heal the shoulder injury.