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I had a herniated disc and suffered from migraines for 29 years. Had surgery, still had severe migraines, could not sleep or even walk at times. Now, pain is almost gone. I am sleeping every night! Headaches are few now and walking is not a problem.






            I suffered from headaches that never went away. I had this problem for over two months and after only five visits my headache is completely gone for the first time in two months.






            Over the last year I have had constant headaches, back pain, leg pain, and pain radiating down arms and hands. I was taking at least 8 ibuprofen and now after the 2nd visit everything basically went away to a bearable level and everything past that was a blessing.






            I was having recurrent headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. I had been having these problems for many years and just thought it was a way of life. Now, I have much more flexibility in my neck. Less headaches and my back hardly ever hurts.






            I had headaches, neck, and shoulder pain. I have gone to the ER 3 different times and have been taking prescription medications for 10 years now to stop the headaches. Now, I have experienced a major decrease in headaches, neck, and shoulder pain. I have not taken my prescribed medicine in 2 weeks!






            I have had headaches, pain in between shoulders, and lower back pain for almost 4 years. Now, i have not had a headache for at least 6 weeks, pain in between the shoulders is gone, and the lower back pain has been greatly reduced.






            For a few years I have had migraines that interfered with my daily schedule. Now I have little or no migraines.






            I have had headaches and stomach pains for about 3 years. Now, the headaches and stomach pain have noticeably decreased.





            I have had headaches, dizzy spells, and lower back pain for 8 years. It was so bad I could not do anything, but stay in bed. Now, my headaches and backaches do not come as often.






            I came to the clinic to be treated for headaches. It has been an ongoing condition for about 15 years now. I've had headaches sometimes at least 4 days a week. Some weeks I had a headache everyday. I have had wonderful results. Almost immediate relief!






            I was waking up with migraine headaches everyday. I rarely have a migraine now. I love this clinic!






            I've had migraines for the past 5 years everyday. I have had great results. When I come regularly I rarely have a migraine.






            My problems began years ago from a very active lifestyle. I had neck and upper back stiffness which caused pain or headaches. I never really could sleep comfortably. I made the choice to get checked out and found that I had some spinal issues in my neck and upper back. Now, I am sleeping better and feeling looser. I've only had one small headache in 2 months!






            I was suffering from migraine headaches for about 2 to 3 years. I recently went one whole month with a migraine. The pain was severe enough to cause me to not be able to work some days. I have had great results coming here. I have been migraine free for almost a month now!






            I've had very severe headaches and back pain for many years. Now, I feel great!






            I had severe headaches and tension in my neck and shoulders which began about a year ago. It had gotten severe enough to interfere with my daily life. Now, I do not have headaches and very little tension in my neck and shoulders.