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Neck Pain

I was having neck and lower back pain. Both were very sore. Now, I have experienced relief of neck pain and less lower back pain.                






            I had neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain. It was so severe that it affected my walking and standing at times. Now, I can walk over the whole store without stopping. I can stand longer. I feel a lot better.






            My neck was stiff and felt a "catch" in my shoulder blade. The difference now is like night and day. I feel so much better!  


                                                                                    -Binnie Jo




            Had crick in my neck and shoulder area. I've had great results. It seems like my neck and shoulders are in much better shape than when I first began care and continues to only feel better each day.      






            Neck and shoulders were bothering me along with lower back pain. At times very severe. I've had great results here. Haven't felt this good in about 10 years.






            I woke up one morning and couldn't move my neck. Come to find out it was because of cervical (neck) strain. Now, I feel 100% better and can move my neck now.






            I had severe pain in my neck and shoulders. Neurosurgeon diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease in my neck. Said I needed immediate surgery, but after chiropractic care my neck is pain free. And who would have known stomach problems that I've had for 20 years are now gone, as are headaches and fatigue.                          






            I was having neck pain and numbness in hands. Numbness has gotten much better and have more energy to do things.








            My neck was badly restricted in movement from left to right due to a bicycle accident. The results have been excellent. My neck is back to as good as it can be.






            I had neck and arm pain with occasionally my arm going to sleep or feeling dead. Now, I believe I am 98% better and have less pain while working with arms and hands.






            I was having severe neck pain with limited movement and headaches. I have good results such as fewer headaches with much less severity.






            For the past 2 years I have had extreme pain in my right shoulder, sometimes not being able to lift my arm. Now, I have no pain in my right shoulder!






            I had a "crick" in my neck and left shoulder. Had been bothering me on and off for years at times being very severe. My results have been great. I feel better, sleep better, and work better!






            My shoulder was hurting so badly I could barely lift my arm. Now, after just a few treatments I have been able to use my arm freely.






            I had tingling and numbness in left arm as a result of a truck wreck two years ago. I have had very good results. The tingling and numbness started decreasing almost immediately and now I have none at all!